Opening Night! Ring of Fire

After a whirlwind rehearsal process, our wonderful show is up and running!  We've been playing to sold out houses, and have received some rave reviews.  As more reviews come in, I will be updating this post with links.


Ashland Sneak Preview - "Kudos to Brian Russell Carey for the magic he works, both as musical director and as one of the production's performers.  Brian plays fiddle, piano, and guitar with ease and verve.  He adds a good singing voice to many company numbers, and shows a talent for gallows humor in his solo number, "Delia's Gone".

Mail Tribune - "Part of [Cash's] charm was the spare, stripped-down sound...aided by Carey’s ability to slip back and forth between guitar, piano and fiddle." 

Grants Pass Daily Courier  - "On the comic side is...Brian Russell Carey's, "Delia's Gone".